I’ve had the opportunity to work on the following curricula:

  • Preschool and Kindergarten: I’m one of the authors of Summit Ministries’ Kindergarten level of Building on the Rock for Christian schools. Download samples of teacher instructions, student worksheets, handouts and visual aids (1, 23 and 4); thanks to Summit for permission! I also developed the international ministry version of David C. Cook’s Bible in Life, a three-year Sunday school curriculum for use in Cuba, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and other countries.
  • Elementary/Primary Grades 1-5: At Summit, I worked on the revision of Building on the Rock Christian worldview and Bible survey curriculum, editing, proofreading, and writing new lessons as needed. Download a sample of a fifth-grade level lesson’s teacher instructions for a single day along with the handout. At the Association of Christian Schools International, I worked on Purposeful Design mathematics and science instruction materials. The international ministry version of David C. Cook’s Bible in Life was used to teach elementary school children as well as younger children.
  • Middle School/Grades 6-8: For Summit Ministries, I edited lessons for the Lightbearers worldview course and for Walking in Faith, a Christian worldview and Bible survey curriculum. A sample textbook selection I wrote on Acts for sixth-graders is attached here.
  • High School/Grades 9-12: For Summit, I am currently at work in revising the Understanding the Times high school curriculum.
  • Adults: For Oral Roberts University, I translated and adapted all courses of the Master in Christian Ministry degree into Spanish. This included finding alternative textbooks, videos, and audio clips when the English-language materials were not available in Spanish, as well as modifying the corresponding assignments. I have also provided training for publishers. For more details on this work, go to Publisher Development or check out my past training presentations.